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Icon of a chemical tube with a cannabis leaf, what is HHCPO

What is HHCPO, how is it formed and what are its effects?

Are you familiar with the HHCPO? If you thought that HHCPO belongs to the HHC derivatives, your opinion is correct. If you want to learn more about HHCPO, how it is produced, what effects it has, risks and what products are available, start reading.

Vaporizing tobacco, hand holding vaporizer on black background

11 questions about tobacco vaporisation that you may be interested in

Want to know what vaping tobacco is and how it differs from smoking? Is vaping harmful or even worse than smoking? Wondering if vaping tobacco can help with smoking cessation, at what temperature can tobacco be vaped, and what is the best vaporizer? The answers to these and several other questions can be found in the article.

Gloved hands hold THCJD distillate at a cannabis plant

THCJD: Structure, effects and comparison with THC, THCB and THCV

In the world of cannabis products, new and fascinating compounds are constantly emerging, expanding our knowledge of the cannabis plant and offering new applications. Another recently rediscovered cannabinoid is THCJD. This substance has aroused curiosity among cannabis enthusiasts, scientists and, not least, among cannabis licensors and regulators. In this article, we take a closer look at THCJD and its effects, how it differs from THC and what you should know about it.

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