Please read the COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE before making a complaint.

How to claim or return goods using Retino

  • First, choose one of the options for why you want to return or claim the products you have purchased.
  • Then fill in the order number and the email you provided when ordering.
  • Next, select the goods to which the complaint relates. If you did not receive the entire shipment, please select the item that is missing.
  • Then fill in all the fields of the form.
  • Finally, select the method of sending the goods back to us. If it is an error on our part (wrong package, damaged goods, incomplete shipment), we will pay the shipping costs.
  • Then just click the submit button, and your claim will be filed.

If we have problems with your Retino claim, you can contact us and we will help you.

You can make a complaint using the complaint report HERE.