HHCP Flowers

HHC-P flowers are cannabis buds with a high CBD content and a permitted THC level of up to 0,2 %, enriched with the cannabinoid HHC-P. In our offer you will find flowers with 2-15% HHC-P distillate from popular cannabis varieties.
HHC-P is a cannabinoid with a similar structure to HHC, but two carbons longer alkyl chain. HHC-P is produced synthetically and is not found in the cannabis plant (unlike HHC), even in trace amounts. 
HHC-P can induce euphoria and can be highly psychoactive. It can also promote sleep and relaxation or relieve anxiety and stress. Effects usually take a few tens of minutes, but can last for several hours. 
Choose fragrant flowers from us from trusted brands Canntropy and Cannastra.