Nature Cure

Nature Cure is a relatively young Dutch company, founded by three experienced cannabinoid experts who in 2017 combined their many years of experience and established cooperation with various international growers. This, combined with a highly high-quality extractions, third-party laboratory controls and excellent end products has quickly secured a strong position in the market. As of 2018, it offers a full-fledged brand with its own production line in the Netherlands.

Nature Cure has a very complete range of of CBD, CBG and CBN products. Most products are available in multiple strengths and formulations to meet the individual customer requirements. Each product is carefully formulated with perfect balance between taste and effect. In addition to the current lines, new products and formulations of different cannabinoids are constantly being developed.

Up to 50,000 final products are produced daily and distributed to customers around the world. They have gradually expanded the range to include CBD ointment, CBG oil, CBD gummies, CBD soft gels, CBN oil and their newest product: CBD patches.

Nature Cure CBD patches serve as a a practical supplement to the company's other lines. The broad-spectrum CBD patches work transdermally, meaning they deliver CBD through the skin into the blood. Administering CBD in this way is most effectivebecause the bioavailability is 6-10 times higher than sublingual administration (drops under the tongue). Another special advantage of CBD patches is that they have slow release. CBD should not be taken more than once in one day, Nature Cure patches deliver CBD spread over 24 hours. The product can be used under any circumstances such as showering, swimming or exercise. This makes Nature Cure patches the most effective and extremely practical CBD product for everyday use that the current market has to offer.