The Euphoria brand is a Czech company dedicated to the production of a wide range of cannabis products. The company has created many successful products including cannabis foods, absinthes, vodkas, soft drinks, confectionery and veterinary supplements. The company's philosophy is simple: to offer the best products with the best design and at the best price.

The range includes high quality flowers of different varieties. Dried CBD hemp for further processing is produced from hemp fibre, which has no psychoactive effect. Dried hemp flowers are a rich source of CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids, as well as substances such as resins, wax, flavonoids, antioxidant terpenes and unsaturated fatty acids. No artificial CBD isolate is added and therefore contains naturally occurring levels of phytocannabinoids.

Euphoria is an overachiever of sorts, getting CBD cannabinoids into places you might not expect them. For example, you can try chocolate, chewing gum or a real rarity - hemp CBD absinthe. Absinthes and hemp products are the best-selling items in the highly competitive market in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.