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We're no pickles, we're professionals in the field. We specialize in selling products containing HHC. In our offer you will find a variety of them: HHC oil (HHC drops), HHC vape pen (disposable vaporizing pens), HHC concentrate (HHC extracts in various forms), HHC flowers (HHC weed), replacement cartridges for vaporizing pens containing HHC liquid, but also HHC gummies (HHC candies) and other products with hexahydrocannabinol. 

The products are intended for over 18 years of age only.


What is CBD and HHC Moon Rock and Ice Rock?

You may have come across products labeled Moon Rock and Ice Rock in your travels through the cannabis world. Wondering what they are, how they differ and whether they also come in CBD and HHC variants? Then read on!


What is 10-OH-HHC?

Another HHC derivative has emerged on the cannabis scene, and that is 10-OH-HHC. The truth is that not much is known about this cannabinoid yet. Until the first studies come out that we can share with you, here is some basic information on what 10-OH-HHC is and what the effects of this cannabinoid are expected to be.


HHC-P: The unmissable cannabinoid of the HHC series

If you believe that HHC-P has something in common with hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), you are correct. Hexahydrocannabiphorol, known as HHC-P, is in fact a derivative of HHC. All it took was a slight modification of the chemical structure to create a new compound with surprising potency.

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