What is a POD system and what are its advantages?

What is a POD system?

The POD system is a new way of consuming (not only) nicotine. It is a small and compact device that uses cartridges or PODs containing liquid with nicotine and other additives. This system is designed to be easy to use and to give users the best possible vaping experience.

What does the POD system consist of?

The POD system includes a battery that can be charged via micro USB or USB-C cable. The capacity of the battery depends on the performance of the POD system. However, in most cases, the POD system will last all day due to the low input voltage. The newest pieces on the market last even longer.

Furthermore, the POD system consists of a liquid tank, which also houses the mouthpiece and the glow head. Most POD systems are designed by manufacturers for MTL puffing, which loosely speaking means that the puffing occurs first in the mouth and then in the lungs. It is therefore similar to conventional cigarettes.

Popis z čeho se skládá pod systém

HHC and CBD POD systems

A range of POD systems with HHC and CBD cannabinoids are also available on the market. Some HHC and CBD POD vapes on the market also offer advanced features such as adjustable voltage or the ability to choose a specific style of coating.

Advantages of the POD system

The POD system has several basic advantages, which are listed below:

  • Portability
  • Easy to use
  • Variety of flavours
  • Charging option
  • Easy maintenance

Disadvantages of the POD system

POD systems also have some disadvantages, including:

  • Limited refill capacity: compared to the larger tanks of traditional e-cigarettes, POD systems have a smaller capacity and need to be refilled more frequently.
  • Inability to replace the battery
  • Limited performance and customisation options:Some POD systems may have more limited feature settings compared to more advanced vaping devices.
  • Compared to a disposable cigarette, the purchase price of a POD system is higher.

How is the POD system used?

Using the POD system is not complicated. First, you need to remove the cartridge from the POD device and open or remove the stopper or filler hole. Then fill the cartridge with e-liquid, following the manufacturer's instructions exactly. Once the cartridge is filled, insert it back into the device. Make sure it is seated and secured properly. Most POD systems have an automatic sensor that activates heating when inhaled. Just swipe through the mouthpiece and the device should automatically activate.

And regular maintenance? This includes cleaning the connections between the battery and the cartridge, as well as replacing cartridges or cleaning e-liquid residue that may accumulate in the POD System.

There is also a range of disposable CBD and HHC POD vapes on the market, which are already filled with CBD or HHC liquid and ready for immediate use.


Zařízení s pod systémem


POD Systems are typically smaller and more compact than conventional electronic cigarettes or vaporizers, making them a more portable and discreet vaping option. They are designed to be as simple as possible for new users.

Many POD systems use special cartridges that are easily replaceable. Compared to more advanced vaping devices, POD systems usually have more limited setup options, but this may not bother beginners at all.

The use of the POD system brings new possibilities to those looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes.



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